Sibani Lodge – A Tasteful Cityslicker’s Escape to Africa

One of the best places to stay on the outskirts of Johannesburg

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From my fort in Johannesburg, getting to this hidden paradise took less than an hour. There was barely any signage at the main gate and if I delayed by a split second, I probably would have missed it. From the gate, it took another 5-10mins driving slow along the dusty, rocky road to the lodge. For a moment or two, I must say, I thought I was lost, trespassing or going to sleep under a tree – there was barely any signage!! By the way – thanks to the gent on a huge tractor for directing me!

Checking In:

Once I parked in front of the main building, two beautiful ladies rushed out to greet me. One confirmed my booking with three words – “You’re Miriro right?”, while the other told me to go inside while she grabbed my bags for me. Talk about a warm welcome! I felt like I was walking into someone’s private home. By the looks of the structure and decor, it probably was someone’s home some time ago. I sat down in the kitchen area while the first lady asked if I’d like anything to drink or whether I’d like to go straight to my room. I answered “both thank you” – the excitement to see my room was too great!


Sibani Lodge has 5 rooms. Yes, FIVE!! The room I was staying in was HUGE! (insert laugh out loud) The room had a bed large enough to fit a family (I enjoyed it immensely!), a small fireplace and leather couch. Animal skin carpet was unnerving at first but I soon got to appreciate its place in the natural decor.  I loved the little breakfast table that doubled as a work station. Out on the patio was another small table setting for two. I spent a few hours here with my feet up, soaking up the sun and enjoying the view.

The bathroom was lovely with an open shower – just a shower head, no walls! Sure it was midday, sure I just had a morning shower – why not take a hot bubble bath while my lunch order is on the way! I am not one for baths but this one is worth noting as a great experience.


I didn’t eat much, as much as I had wanted to – health reasons! From pizza, to pasta, to Africa’s favourite rice and chicken staple, I missed out on a few delicious meals. I nibbled on a few and must say – the two cooks bring a mother’s love style of cooking to each meal.

Even though I wasn’t eating, I did sit with other guests at breakfast and dinner time at the communal dining table. One guest from the USA was kind enough to keep sharing his bottle of white wine with me. Unlike many hotels where everyone has a small table to themselves and eats on their own, Sibani has that vibe that you eat with family. With one giant dining table, it was great to meet new people,  and hear where everyone is from and what they are up to.

As this lodge lays on the outskirts of everything, there wasn’t much for me to do but escape the city. I spent time reading on the deck of my room, playing footsie with the swimming pool and even took a walk around the property.

Rating: 8/10 – I loved every inch of this property. My only regret was not being able to eat. Would I visit it again? Certainly! Would I recommend it to you? Of course. And if you don’t spend time here – I’ll be very disappointed!

Miriro Matema
the authorMiriro Matema
Born in Zimbabwe and living in South Africa, Miriro is a seasoned publishing editor and writer, having worked with leading brands in investment, business leadership and entrepreneurship. Passionate about Africa’s development, Miriro is also a dynamic marketing consultant with 10 years experience working with startups and large multinational corporations. With a heart for travel, Miriro spends her time discovering the nooks of crannies of Africa’s hidden gems, taking the roads less travelled, meeting the beautiful people that call Africa home while exploring their food and culture. Miriro is currently a writer with Byolife Travel and Gallivant Africa

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