My Favourite Places to Eat in the Seychelles

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Islands are by nature beautiful – and the food served is equally so. And when you visit Seychelles you can expect an amazing range of restaurants, from pub grub to fine dining. No matter what you’re into, there are plenty of options for you dine somewhere different every night. Here’s the best restaurants Seychelles has to offer on the three most popular islands: Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is unquestionably the most famous restaurant in Seychelles. It was even officially declared a national monument in 2011. The building itself is well over 100 years old, so if you’re looking for traditional Seychelles cuisine on Mahe this is where you should go. The restaurant opened in 1972 and boasts proudly that the menu remains unchanged. You’ll find all of the Creole classics, including bat curry if you’re feeling brave, made with local ingredients. Great quality food, in a stunning setting.

La Plaine St Andre

The La Plaine St Andre estate was built in 1792. Back then it was home to Copra kilns (for drying coconut) and a spice garden. Today it’s home to the Takamaka rum distillery and amazing restaurant. The restaurant is in the old plantation house, which has been beautifully restored. You will find traditional food as well as their own contemporary twists on Creole food. The cocktail menu is truly special there too – an absolute must try!

La Scala

Specialising in high end Italian food with a Creole touch, La Scala has long been regarded as one of the top restaurants in Seychelles. Italian Chef Gianni Torsi and Silvana, a husband and wife team, run the restaurant with a huge amount of love and passion for what they do. You’ll want to book a table as far in advance as possible as the restaurant is almost always full.

Saffron Restaurant

The Saffron Restaurant is located in the fantastic Banyan Tree Resort on Mahe. It’s the hotel’s signature restaurant featuring Thai cuisine. Their dishes have won several awards and are cooked using a wide variety of traditional Thai techniques. The restaurant itself is stunning, with a true colonial plantation house feel. Guests from    the hotel should phone and book in advance.

Les Laurier

Les Laurier is the best Creole buffet restaurant around. The restaurant is part of a small but beautiful eco-hotel of the same name. Don’t miss the Creole salads and side dishes – they are always amazing and super fresh. If you happen to be visiting Seychelles for New Year’s Eve, Les Laurer restaurant is the place to be. They throw a great party and the food is extra special. Be sure to book in advance as the restaurant is always busy.

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