Air Seychelles Selects AirFi to Offer New Wireless Streaming IFE Experience

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Air Seychelles, the national airline of the Republic of Seychelles has today announced that the airline has selected AirFi, the market-leading provider of portable onboard Wi-Fi platforms, to provide wireless streaming inflight entertainment on board its new A320neo aircraft set to be delivered in July 2019.

The implementation of the new entertainment platform will modernize the onboard digital experience, by providing guests greater flexibility, value and control when using their own smartphone, tablet or laptop devices including headsets to stream the wide range of inflight entertainment programmes such as movies, TV programmes, games, audio and moving maps.

The high-speed wireless streaming platform to be powered by AirFi boxes operating fully autonomously, placed on board the aircraft as carry-on equipment, will in addition entail a dedicated creole music channel.

The new wireless streaming system currently being used globally across 65 countries have also been recently implemented by Air Namibia and Nile Air in Africa as well as by other A320neo operators in Scandinavia, Asia and the Middle East.

Set to provide an enhanced personalized experience, the streaming platform is highly efficient, sustainable and reliable, perfectly suited for small fleet operators.

Remco Althuis, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles said: “The aviation industry is evolving globally and aircraft operators are increasingly looking into ways to further enhance the experience of their guests in addition to ensuring their business generates better revenue.

“AirFi will allow Air Seychelles to operate more efficiently because with the elimination of seatback screens, guests will need to use their own devices and headsets to stream the entertainment content. Therefore with less on board equipment and less impact in the weight, Air Seychelles will be able to better generate its fuel efficiency.

“At the end of the day throughout the transformation plan our mandate is to ensure that the products Air Seychelles chooses are reliable, sustainable, plus cost effective and after intense research we have identified AirFi as the best option moving forward.”

Job Heimerikx, Chief Executive Officer of AirFi highlighted: “We warmly welcome Air Seychelles to the AirFi family. We look forward in providing entertainment and joy to their passengers.

“AirFi’s robust structure makes the system ideal for operators in wonderful though remote places like the Seychelles.”

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