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Abuja is one of those enigmatic kind of places to visit! While it has no end of places to discover, heading out of the city to explore the surrounding areas is an amazing experience! Whether you’re after history, nature, or culture here’s a look into the best things to do outside Abuja.

For History Lovers – National Museum of Colonial History, Kogi

The National Museum of Colonial History in Kogi State is about three hours from Abuja, displays Lord Lugard’s relics – his personal belongings, and records of his administration. For lovers of history, this is the perfect day trip to see and learn about Nigeria’s colonial past.

For Architecture Lovers – Ancient Nok Settlement, Kaduna

The Nok Settlement is located approximately three hours from Abuja in Jaba Local government, in the southern part of Kaduna State, up in northern Nigeria. It is a fascinating testament to the ingenious nature and history of the Nok people, whose antiquities adorn great museums and galleries across the globe. From the rock-hewn shelters to the Nok terracotta artefacts on display, taking in everything at this village settlement makes for a compelling experience.

For Nature Lovers – Usuma Dam

This place is heavenly for nature lovers – far from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life of the city, a quiet kind of beautiful magic happens here. The man-made Usuma Dam is around a 40-minute drive from the capital, and is located towards the north west of Abuja. It offers hiking trails amid an enjoyable and peaceful scenery, as well as the opportunity to take a canoe ride across the waters – not to mention space for picnics and barbecues. It’s the perfect family and friends getaway spot.

For Hotel Lovers – Kajuru Castle

This medieval-style castle in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by breathtaking views, is definitely worth the three-hour trip to Kaduna State. Visitors are welcomed by a tour guide who calls himself the ‘ghost of the castle’ at the beautiful Kajuru Castle – complete with turrets, an armory and a dungeon, the castle appears to have been plucked right out of Scotland and planted right in the middle of a picturesque village a few minutes’ drive from Kaduna. The castle offers tours and has a pool and spa – it’s also a great place for a small party, as it offers twelve rooms which must be booked prior to visits.

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