Club Med La Plantation d’Albion – Your VacayBae in Mauritius

Looking for where to stay in Mauritius? This beautiful resort is your VacayBae

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Club Med is an old brand. I grew up watching their commercials on tv in the early 90s and thought, when I grow up… I’m going to be a Club Med girl! Buy every package they have and practically live by the beach! Oh, childhood! My first experience with the Club Med property was at the flagship La Plantation d’Albion in Mauritius. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and certainly didn’t want to compare it to my overzealous childhood memories. Two nights at this resort was not enough, and here’s why.

Checking In:

Club Med is an hour from the airport and transfers from the airport are complimentary. We were tired, hot and sweaty! When we arrived close to 10pm, we received a wonderful Creole welcome. Two beautiful ladies waving at us with huge smiles on their faces! It reminds me of visiting family, when the Moms and aunts stand in the driveway so excited to see you! We were led to the lobby area with iced tea, champagne and hot wash cloths waiting for us. We went through a debrief of the facilities and what our stay included (we had all the fixes – from 20min facials to snorkelling in the blue ocean!). We received our room keys, a creative wrist band and a buggy (electric golf-cart) showed us to our rooms.


The Club Med La Plantation D’Albion has over 400 rooms and I got to stay in their middle range beachfront facing Deluxe rooms.  Once again the Creole culture came through with the deep yellow and red tones. It just oozes “Couples Retreat”. I loved the personal touch of a welcome letter from the GM (Chief of the Village) and elephant shaped towels on the bed. Does Mauritius even have elephants?? It was too cute though.


As this trip was also my first time in Mauritius, and I was attending the World Travel Awards, I didn’t get the opportunity to dine at Club Med’s restaurant. Breakfast however was pure delight. Their buffet is probably the largest assortment of food I have ever seen. Everything from fresh fruit, baked goodies and English breakfast style foods – Club Med had it all. You could be feeling like old fashion Creole dishes – they had it. Are you coming from Europe and a little home sick – they have you sorted too! Their range is designed to stuff you with all the good foods you love and always wanted to try.


Because Club Med is such a huge property, a bit of a distance away from the city, it only makes sense to cater to the desires of their guests. Everything I remember from the commercials came to light – from spa treatments and gym to legendary water sports, golf and parties on their beach bar. My favourite place was probably the pool overlooking the ocean.


7/10. I loved being on this resort. I didn’t get to explore all it has to offer and would definitely like to return to do exactly that. Their customer service was top notch, from the moment we arrived, to the super early morning I left. They take the time to know their guests and to provide a wonderful experience.

Miriro Matema
the authorMiriro Matema
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