The Value of Music Tourism to South Africa’s Economy

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For generations, music has unified groups of people beyond culture and language. There are many ways travellers connect with the nature, culture and people of the destinations they visit. Music tourists often connect with the food, history and adventure a destination has to offer. However, music has been relatively unexplored in the tourism context. By including music in itineraries and trips, it is possible to drive greater revenue across the tourism sector and it is an excellent opportunity for destinations to differentiate themselves from the common beach, safari and city-slicker itineraries.

South African Context

South Africa has a dynamic music industry with a large number of international artists touring the country. Local events like the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, AfroPunk and Ultra draw music lovers in the thousands. What’s more, international artists like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Beyonce and UB40 have made appearances in the country.

In this report, we focus on addressing the following music tourism questions: How big and important is the music tourism market? What are the new trends tour operators and travel agencies need to take note of? What is the value of the music tourism industry – How much does the music tourist spend and how can we keep them in the destination longer? What are the best practices for various stakeholders?

What You’ll Learn:

  • What music tourism means and how it has evolved over time
  • Who the stakeholders are in music tourism
  • A comprehensive look at the different music tourists
  • Estimates for food and beverage expenditure on the continent by region they hail from
  • Size of African inbound music tourist population
  • The kinds of alternative activities music tourists are most likely to participate in
  • Best practices for music tourism stakeholders today

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