WATCH: Best Things to Do in Zimbabwe After Lockdown

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Generally speaking, Zimbabwe is a year-round destination, but you should consider what your main focus is to ensure we create the ideal itinerary to accommodate your plans. The incredible wildlife of Zimbabwe that includes zebra, antelope, the ‘Big Five’ and wild dogs can also be seen all year, although they are easier to spot during certain times. As an emerging destination, peak travel months are still much less busy than other popular safari locations in Africa.

Best Things to Do in Zimbabwe After Lockdown
  1. Helicopter Flight Over Victoria Falls – Experience the full force of the world’s most incredible waterfall.
  2. Find Adventure on the Zambezi – Tap into your adrenaline when you go rafting on the Zambezi River or bungee jump over it.
  3. Go Kayak in Mana Pools – Find serenity among the vast wildlife of the Zambezi River within Mana Pools National Park.
  4. Track Rhinos in Matobo Hills – Follow expert rangers in tracking these magnificent black and white rhinos in their natural environment.
  5. Explore the Great Zimbabwe – Great Zimbabwe was the heart of a thriving trading empire from the 11th to the 15th centuries. The word zimbabwe, the country’s namesake, is a Shona (Bantu) word meaning “stone houses.”

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