Tintswalo Lodges Goes Digital with New Contactless Guest App

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Tintswalo Lodges is embracing the digital age with a new contactless App that introduces a creative way to interact with guests and eliminate the use of paper documents. Use of the App drives a ‘touchless’ travel experience that further reduces the risk of Covid-19 virus transmission that may be associated with physical interaction between guests and staff.

Each Tintswalo guest now receives a link to the Vamoos App to download before their stay, which takes them through the entire guest experience from booking until after their stay. The App digitally manages the guest registration, check-in procedure and signing of indemnities. The message system allows for easy communication with the hotel/lodge to accommodate special requests and dietary requirements, as well as arrival and departure details and the booking of transfers.

The directory incorporates all hotel or lodge information to replace room folders and menus, which are now available online via the App and can be perused before or during the stay. The App also includes local points of interest to help guests plan their stay and a booking option is available to make reservations at restaurants or to book excursions and spa treatments.

Lisa Goosen, the CEO of Tintswalo Lodges says: ‘The disruption to the travel and tourism industry is unprecedented in modern times, and we have been facing enormous challenges. During the pandemic we put on our thinking caps as we had to find a new and unusual way of doing business.’

‘Guests associate the Tintswalo product with luxury travel in safe, wide-open spaces and low-density guest numbers. These are ideal destinations for isolation, rest and relaxation, and re-connecting with loved ones. Our health and safety protocols are of the highest standard, and the use of the new App enables us to provide even more peace of mind to our guests. We appreciate their support especially during these difficult times. Our hearts are warm and our smiles are big and genuine behind our face masks, even though we are unable to show it at the moment with a signature Tintswalo handshake or hug!’, she concluded.

More than 100 hotels in Europe and Africa are already using the Vamoos App with Tintswalo being one of its pioneers locally.

Miriro Matema
the authorMiriro Matema
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