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Walthers Announces a New Leisure Travel Brand

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Walthers has announced a new leisure travel brand called Authentic Travel Africa. Walthers was founded almost 40 years ago, based exclusively on Incentive and Conference groups. Some 14 years ago the Walthers Group added an FIT/Leisure department, which has steadily grown to the point where it was a significant part of their business.
The time has now come to give their leisure brand its own identity, reflecting the values they feel are important to the modern day traveller – conscious journeys, curated specifically for guests, including authentic experiences, unusual activities and wish-list items in destinations throughout sub-Saharan Africa.
The Walthers business has always been built on three pillars, namely:-
  • the highly personalised service for which Walthers is internationally renowned 
  • authentic itineraries which include personalised and unusual experiences, which support conservation and local communities 
  • very importantly – Trust, Safety and Financial Security. 
Other than the new branding, nothing else changes, and legally Authentic Travel Africa remains a part of Walthers with all admin, insurance cover and payments still through Walthers, ensuring your peace of mind.
The new website includes a “Build Your Own” itinerary tool for each of the countries in which we operate. The concept is to enable you or your clients to browse through a destination and discover a number of authentic, unusual experiences which they can select, to tailormake their own dream holiday. In this way, Walthers is able to create a totally unique programme, incorporating your guests’ specific interests and enabling them to personalise their African journey.
On the off-chance that one of your clients does try to book directly with Walthers and Authentic Travel Africa, rest assured that they would always protect you, and in addition, they would also point any direct enquiries to you. Walthers does not offer international flights to Africa nor do they have any wish to be involved directly with clients in your country. Walthers and Authentic Travel Africa value their relationship with their agency partners and wish to grow their business together with you.
Remember that at Walthers has always utilized a Trust Account system whereby all deposits and payments remain in our Audited Trust Account until after your clients complete their visit. We have EU Travel Law compliant Public Liability Insurance in almost 20 African countries as well as Emergency Medical treatment and Evacuation cover in many of the popular destinations we offer.
Walthers was one of the very first companies to be World Travel and Tourism Council “WTTC” and Tourism Business Council of South Africa “TBCSA certified as COVID compliant.
The new Authentic Travel Africa website can be found at!
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