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Why travel to Africa? German De la melena German came on my Instagram live on the 22nd of June 2020 to speak to me about his business, NananTravel. They also talked about Africa’s beauty and why we should think about travelling there after getting back to some normality.

Shebs spoke to German about where his passion for travel started. Shebs talked to him about his upbringing in Peru, and how he got started in modelling. You will find out his modelling took him around the world. After living in quite a few different countries worldwide, German eventually decided to leave Lima, Peru and move to Cape Town, South Africa, where he has lived since 2008. German spoke to me about how the business started, as it was a straightforward thing that got him thinking about how to create the company whilst he was helping out some of his friends. He saw a business and eventually started his agency four years ago.

They spoke in-depth about the clients German has and where the majority of them are based. They also talked about where in Africa he tends to send people. His knowledge of a place is phenomenal due to one factor which makes him unique; he has travelled to these locations himself. They discussed some of German’s favourite places to travel to. They also spoke about some of his favourite cuisines and reminisced about Peru as Shebs has travelled there himself.

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