The Grillroom & Sushi Bar Launches flavour-packed Autumn/Winter Menu

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With the weather cooling down, The Grillroom & Sushi Bar has put together a delicious and hearty autumn/winter menu to entice your tastebuds and take you on a journey of culinary delights.

Chef Jamie Sutherland and GM Mark Williams

“Think warm, spicy, rich, creamy aromas to slow roasts, pies and the Classic Bread-And-Butter pudding. Our menu boasts some South African favourites made with a classic twist,” says Head Chef Jamie Sutherland.

He says the menu at the newly launched restaurant in Brooklyn, Pretoria, features dishes made from home grown produce to support local farmers.

Autumn/Winter Menu Highlights

The starter menu highlights include sautéed Warm Chicken Livers with a creamy green peppercorn sauce served in a crispy potato skin basket, and a classic Steak Tartare cut from prime fillet steak, made with cured egg yolk and accompanied by a light tartare sauce and teriyaki sauce to lift the flavour combination.

New dishes featured on the main course menu are a bean casserole infused with chorizo sausage for a warm kick, served with a 36-hour Slow Roasted Marinated Lamb Shank, slow-roasted for 8 hours. The Grilled Venison Pie with red wine infused gemsbok is cooked with lovely chunky vegetables to produce a rich thick stew. This is topped with a light puff pastry lid and served with a smooth parmesan mash.

The Kassler Pork Chop is marinated for three days before being lightly smoked in the Mibrasa oven for two hours to give it a distinct smoky flavour and it is then char grilled to perfection. The dish is served with a warm baby potato salad with green beans and a light vinaigrette dressing. A roasted red pepper salsa adds a little kick to the dish.

The slow-cooked Succulent Pork Belly has distinct flavours of cumin and thyme and is served with sweet potato mash infused with grated Granny Smith apple, braised red cabbage and a grain mustard and cream sauce.

For vegetarians the Grilled Butternut Salad is a must have, served with mixed leaves, cream cheese, garlic dressing, dried cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds and crispy onions.

New desserts added include the tale of the Decadent Cream Tart. The melt-in-your- mouth sweet pastry crumbles to reveal a smooth chocolate sponge with a layer of rich chocolate ganache topped with strawberry curd and finished with a creamy crème patisserie. The blood orange sorbet when combined with a spoonful of the tart brings out the sheer beauty of this dish.

The Chocolate Smore, with a salty crunchy base and a rich chocolate mousse is topped with toasted marshmallow and a thin layer of fresh raspberries to cut through the sweetness. The restaurant’s home-made coffee ice cream adds to the combination of textures and flavours.

The Millionaire Shortbread will have you nostalgic for Granny’s desserts. This crumbly shortbread is topped with a rich salted caramel and covered in dark chocolate. For a little extra treat, we serve it with Cointreau-infused orange bon bons and a home-made bitter orange ice cream.

The Coconut Panna Cotta consists of toasted coconut infused cream and a raspberry sponge combined with a delightful surprise – a beetroot jelly and a home-made rose and beetroot sorbet. When you combine all the components on your spoon and place It in your mouth, the flavours explode into a heavenly delight.

Passion-Fruit Brulee is a flavourful rich cream dessert, topped with crunchy caramel. The home-made pomegranate and black pepper sorbet helps to reduce the richness but takes nothing away from the flavours.

The Classic Bread and Butter pudding layers brioche coated in butter and apricot jam, together with dried cranberries and is baked with a fresh egg and cardamom flavoured custard. The dessert is complemented by a home-made cinnamon ice cream and fresh cream.

“If my mother made bread and butter pudding like this, I wouldn’t have left home. Our menu has everything for everyone, and I have no doubt you’ll be back for more,” concludes Chef Jamie.

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