Tanzania Showcases Tourism and Investment Potential in USA

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Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan was on a mission to revive the tourism sector in her country and strengthens bilateral ties with the USA.

Before the meeting in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in Washington, US Vice-President Kamala Harris outlined the areas of discussion: “The focus of this trip includes in the United States focusing on the investment opportunities as it relates to the economy as a general matter, but also in the area of tourism. And your trip has also generated nearly $1 billion in new investments from companies in the United States. And that has and will contribute no doubt to the economic growth of Tanzania, but in that way will contribute to the growth, the economic growth and jobs in the United States as well.”

The officials meeting also concluded with promises of investment in Tanzania’s energy sector. President Suluhu promoted Tanzania’s efforts to ease collaboration with the private sector. She mentioned the Tanzania Investment Act, “expected to set the tone for creating the safe lending for investors“.

Tanzania is home to some of the most famous safari treasures like Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Crater or the island of Zanzibar. Since the Covid pandemic affected the tourism industry,

Suluhu launched during her USA tour a program to showcase Tanzania’s touristic potentials, since the Covid pandemic affected the industry.

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