Top 3 Instagram Worthy Sites in Africa

Discover exceptional natural backgrounds that promises a unique experience for your Instagram

Whether you’re a luxury traveller or a backpacker looking for the next adventure, here are the best places to boost your Instagram game.

Devils Pool – Victoria Falls

The majestic Mosi-oa-Tunya gushes between Zambia and Zimbabwe. At 108 meters high and 1.7 kilometers wide, the falls carries about one million liters of water per second. You would think it absolute madness to go anywhere near the edge of the falls. But thanks to Mother Nature and thousands of years of erosion, an infinite pool offers the unique opportunity to swim to the edge of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Only accessible between mid-August and December, depending on the water levels, this pool is a high-adrenaline experience, which has earned the name Devil’s Pool.

Underwater Safari – Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a magnificent destination, offering a large selection of activities. One of the wonders of the country is its rich maritime life. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are home to numerous species, from the smallest fish to the impressive whale sharks and manta ray. If your budget allows, why not visit the underwater luxury hotel Manta Resort. It is one of the best diving destinations in the world, and offers the amazing opportunity to swim with the awesome whale shark off the coast of Mafia Island.

Indian Ocean Sunrise – Réunion Island

If you’re not snorkelling underwater, or sitting at the edge of a waterfall, why not skip over to one of the highest points in the Indian Ocean. The peak of this extinct volcano Piton des Neiges features an incredible 360-degree view of the Réunion Island – a colorful landscape of green mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls and lagoons. Piton des Neiges and Réunion Island’s cirques, ramparts and volcanoes are classified UNESCO world heritage sites. After a day’s hike and a short night stop, you’ll reach the top of Piton des Neiges to see the sun rising over the ocean. Wouldn’t you agree this is the best scene for your Instagram?

Miriro Matema
the authorMiriro Matema
Born in Zimbabwe and living in South Africa, Miriro is a seasoned publishing editor and writer, having worked with leading brands in investment, business leadership and entrepreneurship. Passionate about Africa’s development, Miriro is also a dynamic marketing consultant with 10 years experience working with startups and large multinational corporations. With a heart for travel, Miriro spends her time discovering the nooks of crannies of Africa’s hidden gems, taking the roads less travelled, meeting the beautiful people that call Africa home while exploring their food and culture. Miriro is currently a writer with Byolife Travel and Gallivant Africa

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