Implementing the Key Metric of Tourism Industry Success

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Can you imagine building a 5 star luxury resort in the middle of an impoverished community? The disconnect is not just an African phenomenon, but a global one too. While old-time luxury travelers might have been more than happy to stay at an all-inclusive resort in a developing region, secluded from the surrounding community, the same cannot be said of the current generation.

Modern travellers are more aware of the communities they venture into. They want to explore unchartered and often low income destinations to recognize how other people live and figure out how to support it.

What is the true metric of tourism success?

Create a wealth ripple effect

How to Implement this metric of tourism success?
  1. Before developing a luxury hotel/restaurant or tour within a certain community, find out what the development needs are. There could be skilled yet unemployed people who could be an asset to the business.
  2. Offer to train members of the community to support your business
  3. And where possible, hire these trained community members.
  4. Support initiatives and invite your visitors to participate with the community.
Miriro Matema
the authorMiriro Matema
Born in Zimbabwe and living in South Africa, Miriro is a seasoned publishing editor and writer, having worked with leading brands in investment, business leadership and entrepreneurship. Passionate about Africa’s development, Miriro is also a dynamic marketing consultant with 10 years experience working with startups and large multinational corporations. With a heart for travel, Miriro spends her time discovering the nooks of crannies of Africa’s hidden gems, taking the roads less travelled, meeting the beautiful people that call Africa home while exploring their food and culture. Miriro is currently a writer with Byolife Travel and Gallivant Africa

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