DMCs Can Manage Suppliers and Clients with This Software

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Nextour is to launch a lighter version of its current software, called Nextour Lite.

Nextour Lite is free and offers smaller DMCs and tour operators the ability to manage suppliers and their clients’ CRM database.

CEO and Co-founder of Nextour, Frédéric Fronteddu, saw a gap in the market, identifying that Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises were not able to access travel tech because of lack information and the costs associated with investment in new software.

As it is cloud-based software, Nextour Lite is easily accessible from anywhere in the world and all devices. The software follows the same mandate of the full version, which is to improve the way DMCs do business.

Nextour launched its business management software last year at Africa’s Travel Indaba. The full version of the software is a booking platform with live availability, CRM and a supplier database system.

Ashton Sobhuza
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