Top 10 Apps Women Use When They Travel

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We were curious. Is there a difference between the travel apps men and women use? In short – yes! Less than half were similar! To get the ball rolling, we asked women from everywhere to show us the apps they use while they are away! So here’s a look at the top 10 app women use when they travel! If you are tech savvy, you can appreciate this list:


If you want a way to track where you’ve been around the globe, there’s an app for that. This app helps you visualize where you’ve been and where you want to go. It even lists it as a percentage.

Photoshop Camera

Given the wave of travel bloggers, influencers and just about anyone with a smart phone and wanderlust – Adobe created Photoshop Camera! Genius! The camera uses Adobe’s artificial intelligence platform, Sensei, to recognize the subject in photos — whether it’s a selfie, landscape, or food — and automatically suggest which image filters to apply. Filters can be used on the screen in real time, or applied to images taken from the camera roll.  Take your photo game to the next level with this app.


This app is allows you to get an easy to follow packing list. These lists are generated after you enter your destination, date of travel, length of stay, type of trip, activities you would likely engage in and whether or not you will likely do laundry or repeat basics. After which a packing list is generated and you can even customize this template.


One of the worst things to happen when you travel is to overspend your budget because you forgot the exchange rate and miscalculated the value of the things you absolutely must buy. offers various free online currency tools, including the currency converter which allows you to check live exchange rates of any world currency.

Google Translate

Google has an entire suite of useful apps for travellers like Lens, Arts & Culture, Go and Travel. But the most popular among women was Translate! This is not always accurate but extremely helpful when you’re in countries where you don’t know the language. This is helpful for solo travellers or groups who don’t have a guide to explain things!


This app took the world by storm as it became available in over 700 cities and garnered a wave of less useful spin-off apps around the world. This app gives you access to the nearest car that can pick you up at your exact location and drop you off exactly where you need to be. Payments can be made in cash or will be deducted from your debit/credit card.

Guides by Lonely Planet

This app is loaded with goodies such as offline maps, must-see sites, neighborhood guides, audio phrasebooks and immersive experiences.


Is there anyone who travels who is NOT using this app? In case you have no idea what this is – this app allows you to connect with anyone within  the app for free – ahem – as long as you have internet connection. You can video chat, message or even make calls.


This app can help you discover hidden gems, find and book must see things to do and eve make restaurant reservations. You can find it on the App Store and in Google Play.

Days Counter

Looking forward to your next trip or just want to map out all your things to do… Days Counter literally counts down to your upcoming itinerary date. It’s that easy.

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  • Priority Pass – Get access to airport lounges (disclaimer: a membership fee is payable)
  • Youtube Music (equally popular is Deezer) – Get full access to all the music you love for free.
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