The State of Inclusive Travel in Africa

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Take a moment to imagine your physical appearance, accent or name would make others around you uneasy and cause unnecessary challenges. Imagine inconveniences in your travel experience happening a little too often that you end up rethinking your trip before you make a booking. That’s the reality for over a billion travellers around the world.

These would-be travellers choose not to travel out of fear of the challenges they will face and the stress they may endure, often questioning themselves, “Is this trip worth it?”. These travellers include the disabled, the LGBTQ community, people of colour, parents of young children, the elderly and others. They choose destinations and travel brands that make them feel accepted and their unique needs taken care of. That is the role of inclusive travel.

This report will dive into the the state of inclusive travel and the need for travel brands to better accommodate potential guests and explore a significant business growth opportunity.

What you’ll  learn:
  • Demographics – Vulnerable travellers, who are they, where are they and how many of them are there?
  • Feedback  – Original perceptions, preferences and feedback on experiences
  • From the expert – What is Africa’s travel industry getting right with inclusive travel, and what areas need improvement?
  • From the brands – What they are doing to curate a more inclusive travel experience?
  • Opinions – The Future of Inclusive Travel

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