Could TunisAir Be Sold to Qatar?

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According to the recently fired CEO of Tunisia’s national carrier TunisAir, Elyes Mnakbi, has been sidelined because the Tunisian state is planning to sell the airline to Qatar.

He was removed by the transport minister after he was cited in an alleged corruption case involving several other officials of the airline.

He told Achoruouk media that he was fired because the Tunisian government is planning to sell the state-run carrier to Qatar.

“I warned against the dangers of selling a public company like TunisAir that represents the sovereignty of the Tunisian state,” he stressed.

The former CEO also says the negotiations between the two sides have been secret but “Tunisians must know the truth about the sale of their national carrier”.

In February, the former CEO was reported to have said that Qatar Airways was eyeing 30 percent of the money-losing airliner. He later debunked the report arguing that he was misinterpreted by Al-Arabi AlJadid that interviewed him about the possible operation.

TunisAir is experiencing financial stress and is struggling with debts. The airline, in February last year, announced drastic measures including the laying off of 1200 employees.  The carrier operates 30 aircrafts.

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