Seychelles Prepares to Resume Passenger Flights on 1 August

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Seychelles’ President, Danny Faure chaired a meeting with government officials and private sector representatives to review final preparations prior to the re-opening of Seychelles International Airport to commercial flights on 1 August 2020.

Seychelles Presidential Meeting

The focus of the meeting was to set up a designated facility within the Seychelles tourism industry to cater for the eventuality that a visitor needs to be isolated during their stay in Seychelles; an option which not only ensures the safety of the general public but allows tourists to continue enjoying their holiday in Seychelles within a secure and pleasant environment. The designated tourism establishment chosen for this purpose will have medical professionals on site as well as other facilities required.

Seychelles’ Tourism department will issue an ‘Expression of Interest’ through which interested parties within the tourism industry can make a proposal to operate of the facility. A special committee has been created comprising of representatives from Health, Tourism, Finance and the Private Sector to fine tune technical aspects of the set-up as well as the necessary criteria required for the Expression of Interest.

The meeting also discussed risk mitigation strategies to ensure the health and safety of the community as the airport reopens for commercial flights. The need to continue raising public awareness on practising social distancing, good hygiene and wearing face masks in public places was emphasised, as public support for safety measures is key to keeping the country safe.

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