Mauritius Launches a Nationwide COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

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Mauritius is launching a nationwide Covid-19 vaccination campaign, which aims at achieving herd immunity for its population. Until then quarantine requirements are being maintained for all visitors entering the country.

Strict sanitary measures are also being maintained as a national priority, so that the country remains ‘Covid-Safe’ for its population as well as for visitors.

The evolution of the pandemic is being closely monitored with vaccination campaigns already starting in a number of countries. It is possible that, in time, vaccinated visitors will be granted free access to the country, while non-vaccinated visitors would still be required to observe the current mandatory 14-day in-hotel room quarantine period.

As vaccinations will be voluntary in Mauritius, authorities are taking steps to provide the population with sufficient information to enable them to make an informed decision.

Mauritius’s request for vaccines has been approved by Astra Zeneca Oxford and Pfizer, with an initial consignment expected through the COVAX facility. Concurrently, specialised equipment is being purchased for detecting Covid-19 variants.

Mauritius is currently partially open to tourists. It is promoting long-stays through its ‘Premium Visa’, which allows visitors entry for a renewable period of one year. This includes visitors who wish to work remotely, retirees or long-stay tourists who wish to enjoy a heavenly Covid-safe environment with almost no disruption of social life.


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