Mauritius Eases Confinement Noting Improvement of COVID-19 Conditions

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Mauritius has announced an easing of confinement as from 01 May 2021.

Work Access Permits will no longer be required, and a number of public activities will be allowed including outdoor physical exercises and the use of public transport. Beauty parlours, private medical and dental practices, veterinarian practices and opticians will also be allowed to resume their activities.

Restrictions are being maintained for places that could involve large public gatherings including gymnasiums, cinemas, community centres, casinos, bars, discotheques, schools and restaurants and places of worship, among others.

Mauritius has been in confinement since 09 March 2021, following cases of COVID-19 transmission detected in the community. Mauritian authorities have noted an improvement in conditions since then, which has led to the easing of restrictions.

In a statement to the nation, Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth urged the population to remain vigilant and observe all precautions to prevent a further spread of the virus. The tourism industry will be resuming preparations for the reopening of borders planned for mid-2021.

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