What the Kenya Airways and Airlink Partnership Means for Travellers

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If you haven’t already heard, Kenya Airways is teaming up with South Africa’s Airlink in the form of an interline agreement. This agreement will allow for a combination of Kenya Airways – Airlink itineraries, allowing passengers from one airline to connect to additional destinations on the other carrier’s network.

Through this agreement, Kenya Airways customers will be able to access a number of new destinations in the Southern Africa region via Airlink hubs at Johannesburg and Cape Town.

At the same time, Airlink customers from across the Southern Africa region (includes South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and more) will be able to access Kenya Airways’ destinations across Africa. Let’s look at some example destinations:

  • Airlink destinations now available to Kenya Airways travellers: Windhoek, Durban, Gaborone, Maseru, Pemba, Maputo, Port Elizabeth, and more.
  • Kenya Airways destinations now available to SA Airlink travellers: Accra, Addis Ababa, Entebbe, Kigali, Lagos, Lusaka, Dar es Salaam, Bujumbura, Kinshasa, and more.

One interesting thing to note about this agreement is that it does not include Kenya Airways’ broader intercontinental network and overseas destinations. In Europe, Kenya Airways flies to Amsterdam, London, and Paris, while also going as far as Guangzhou, Bangkok, and Mumbai in the East. The carrier has also been operating service to New York in recent years.

Unfortunately for Airlink customers across the Southern Africa region, this new agreement is limited to Kenya Airways destinations within Africa.

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