FCM unveils preview of revamped Global Travel Management Platform

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Global travel management company FCM is inviting corporate travel managers to experience a preview of its new proprietary platform. Developed in response to a rapidly evolving business travel landscape, this latest initiative reflects the company’s accelerated investment in next-generation technology to address the future requirements of a multi-national customer base that stretches over 100 countries. Following a successful and productive testing phase, demos are now being offered to prospective clients.
“As the world has changed, so have the challenges our clients face too. With geographically dispersed operations and a remote workforce the new norm, our travel management solution has been purposely
designed for the digitally savvy workforce, offering a powerful suite of digital tools and dashboards that
puts travel managers, arrangers, and travellers firmly in control,” said Marcus Eklund, FCM’s Managing
Director. “We are excited to offer the global business travel community a first-look of our proprietary
platform while introducing a few of its many innovative features.”
Over the past 24 months, FCM worked with a representative cross-section of clients from different
sectors and varying sizes and budgets, garnering feedback to help shape the new travel platform. This
has resulted in a slick user experience delivering global consistency where needed, while offering a
superior level of choice and flexibility that is built around their individual needs.
“While it was important that we identified and addressed current pain points, it was even more critical
that we future-proofed our offerings by anticipating and delivering the most adaptable business travel
technology in the market. It has truly been a collaborative effort, ” added Eklund.
FCM is keeping specific details around the full capabilities of the new omni-channel platform under
wraps; however, those signing up to receive an advance demo will get a realistic expectation of what’s to
come when it debuts early next year.
At the platform’s heart, is a clear and informative landing page displaying an instant overview of key
information such as upcoming trips alongside live updates, notifications and changes to bookings. The
user interface has also been purposely designed to ease seamless navigation between an array of
impressive features and tools.
As an open platform, FCM’s signature ‘plug and play’ flexibility remains front and centre. Clients will
have the ability to choose from a number of integrations to deliver on their multi-national and local needs
– like booking tool selection, expense suppliers and duty of care providers. While the introduction of a single approval flow joins multiple online booking tools, offline bookings and even multiple markets into a
consistent and simplified approvals experience.
Additionally, an improved ecosystem of communications prioritises safety and wellbeing by combining
technology and personal service to support bookers and their travellers 24/7/365. Together with new
desktop notification features like trip updates, check-in reminders, duty of care alerts and more, help is
always an instant away via a new built-in live chat function backed by the always-on assistance of FCM’s
highly experienced team.
Travel managers have full visibility of their entire travel world with a versatile and flexible reporting suite
integrated into the platform. Reservation, spend and sustainability data as well as bespoke reporting and
analytics, also gives an indication of the AI-powered capabilities to come.
The new FCM platform is already piloting with a growing number of global clients, and it is expected that
new customers will have access from early 2022. Those interested in experiencing a demonstration can
book via the following link []
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