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Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) South Africa, one of the country’s largest travel retailers, will soon add a new travel product to its diverse portfolio – tickets to enjoy fine dining and entertainment in a first class airplane cabin.
Guests will be able to experience the joy of the first class flying experience at a fraction of the usual price, thanks to the aeroplane never leaving the ground.
FCTG SA is the first country in the global brand to trial such a project with plans underway for FCTG Australia and New Zealand to launch their own first class aircraft dining experience in the next two years. FCTG South Africa has partnered with one of the world’s leading airline to lease their aircraft when it’s on the ground.
“After an incredibly tough two years where so many South Africans had travel plans cancelled or postponed, unable to experience the joy of travel or to visit family and friends around the world, the FCTG brand globally decided to bring the best of the flying experience to our local shores,” says Euan McNeil, Managing Director, Flight Centre Travel Group South Africa.
‘Passengers’ will be able to book a first class seat for up to three hours to enjoy five-star onboard cuisine – rivalling South Africa’s finest restaurants – while enjoying an ‘inflight’ movie or entertainment. The cabin will also be available for exclusive use bookings for parties, small groups, year-end parties, conferences and events and more.
McNeil says further details will soon be announced but for now, eager travellers can email to prebook tickets.
Ready for a taste of the real thing? Speak to a Flight Centre Expert to book your air ticket to your destination of choice. Travellers who book a ticket to the dining aircraft will also receive a 10% discount on their ‘real’ air tickets.
“We have always had the vision of making travel accessible to all South Africans,” says McNeil. “We hope that this new product will ignite a love of flying and travel in our customers and inspire them to hop on a plane to experience the real thing,” concludes McNeil.
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