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The vivacious tourist capital of Kenya, Mombasa, certainly knows how to ‘turn the heat up’ when it comes to entertaining visitors who are true bar veterans, as well as those newbies who are looking to have a great time. Read further and you will discover 10 awesome bars you must visit in Mombasa.

Pirates Beach Bar

If you are looking for a cool, relaxing beach vibe with great music and even better drinks, then Pirates Beach Bar is your best bet. The establishment has two fully stocked bars with a wide dancing area for party lovers. Order from a strictly Islamic menu during the day from the restaurant. There is also a children’s zone complete with a swimming pool to keep the kids busy. If you smoke, try out the hookah, which has nicotine-free flavors.

Pixies Lounge Bar

Located along the tourist strip of Serena, Pixies Lounge Bar is a trendy cosmopolitan lounge that serves beer, cocktails and other beverages. Tables and stools are placed outside where the courteous staff will attend to every request. Enjoy the cool, air-conditioned environment, a rare treasure among bars along the strip.

Bob’s Bar

Nicknamed the ‘Quench Bench’, Bob’s Bar is ideal for anyone looking for a place to have a cold drink in a party atmosphere. The open-air sports bar boasts two large bar sections that are fully stocked, along with a wide open terrace that makes up the dance floor. If you get hungry, Bob’s Bar provides mouth-watering African and Continental dishes, as well as serving some of the best seafood around.

Forty Pub

If you would like to blend in with the locals without feeling like you’re trying too hard, then Forty Pub is just the place for you. Forty Pub, with its friendly staff and owner, is a hit with the locals and is also welcoming to tourists. The authentic African vibes and local prices make Forty Pub ideal for travelers on a budget. Enjoy locally brewed beers, spirits and soft drinks.


If you are looking for an elegantly designed place to have a refreshing drink, then Avanti is the place for you. Avanti is a family-style restaurant and lounge chain offering an amazing ambiance, superior customer service, beautiful background music and a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Avanti is not the place to get inebriated, but it is the perfect environment to have a drink after a long day. Order a delicious main course, sandwiches or pizza with a dessert to complement your drink.


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